​Having experienced trauma myself, I understand the journey towards healing the physical and emotional wounds that so many of us have suffered. So often, people are held back by shame or confusion and just don’t know where to start.


Are you looking for…

support in your healing journey?

promoting your harmony & balance?

pure relaxation?

balancing your mind, body and spirit?

spiritual growth?

Woman by the Water



I would love to offer you an open and safe space, for you to completely relax, so your body, mind and spirit can heal. You can begin to see a brighter, clearer side of yourself as Reiki goes to where your need is greatest, supporting awareness, detoxification and balance. With Reiki you reconnect to your innate harmonious wholesomeness and as a result imbalances are released. Learn more...



Are you suffering from...

migraines and headaches?

disturbed sleep cycles and insomnia?


trauma recovery, including trauma from whiplash?


having difficult pregnancies?

neck pain?

cronic pain?

Woman Posing



I would love to to offer you a safe space, for you to completely relax, so your system can slow down and your inherent treatment plan can present itself. . Learn more...